WORLDING.ORG is a website providing commentary, dialogue, and resources on “worlding” as a contested idea in politics, culture, and technology.

Many of us think about a better world. But opinions may vary over how to get there, and especially about what “there” we want. The imagination and realization of worlds has become a driving force in both “real” and ”virtual” environments, with both negative and positive consequences. Worlding can be selfless or selfish. It can reinforce what exists or point to something else. But it can never be neutral. Historically critiqued as a colonializing device, the term worlding now also is regarded as a utopian strategy. It is to this latter impulse that directs itself. The desire for something not-yet-achieved drives most people in individual or collective terms. We invite anyone to join this conversation in the spirit of open dialogue and a spirited exchange of opinion is about the utopian imagination in uncertain times.

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